Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Community Member Report on Willow Pass Park Condition

Park Condition on 2/25/2014: 

Willow Pass Park Playground, 2748 E. Olivera Road, Concord, CA.

Graffiti on the cement near the benches.

Graffiti on the bottom of the climbing wall.

Graffiti on the top of the climbing wall.

Broken piece of equipment that is missing parts.

Exposed, rusty metal where the protective rubber has been torn off. 
This is a section where children climb using the pictured handle.

Exposed metal where the material has been wore off the rope. 
Children use this rope to climb to the triangular platforms.

Missing bolt at the top of the climbing wall. 
This section is very loose.

Missing bolt at the top of the twisted monkey bars.

Multiple worn chain links that attach the triangular
platforms to the play structure.

Another worn chain link that attaches the triangular
platform to the play structure.

Incorrect type of chain link (non-enclosed) attaching the
top triangular platform to the play structure.

I was easily able to remove the top triangular platform from the play
structure using the non-enclosed chain link pictured above.

The fence is broken.  It can easily be pulled open by a small child. 
This poses a security risk for guardians with multiple children.

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